Our company is founded on the pride of Maryland Tradition. Maryland natives that have been displaced from the local "Chesapeake Ritual" of steaming hard shell blue crabs and dispersed throughout the country are always looking for a taste of home. Whether it be in the Badlands, Foothills of the Rockies, Peninsula of Florida or the West Coast, people are always calling in search of the perfect Maryland Blue Crab.

Heavy, juicy, sweet and steamed to perfection with that great Maryland spice that tastes so good with a frosty mug of beer. This is what the true crab connoisseur is searching for. Almost every phone call begins with "I'm from Maryland and I know my crabs." There is so much pride that goes with that simple sentence. We take that pride and embrace it.

Maryland Blue Crab fans truly have a place to call home at Chesapeake Crab Connection. Our blue crabs are caught fresh from our very own boats and sized according to the "old timers" standards. Our mediums are measured 5 ½ to 6" point to point. Our larges are measured 6 to 6 ½" and our Super Legends top the chart at 7" and up (see blue crab size chart). We supply you with the best mother nature has to offer every single day. We appreciate your patronage and strive to earn your business with every shipment.


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