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Our daily fresh catch

  • Maryland Blue Crabs By The Dozen

    Small (5-5.5 In) $29 Medium (5.5-6 In) $39 Large (6-6.5 In) $59 X-Large (6.5-7 In) $79 Supers (7+ In) $99

    16-20 Ct Shell On White Shrimp

    We sell our shrimp raw or steamed to perfection. Our white shrimp is moist and packed full of flavor.

    only $17.95
    Fresh Blue Crab Meat

    Claw Meat $14.95/ lb Lump Meat $23.95/ lb Jumbo Lump $32.95/ lb

From our boats to your table
Maryland 3 Dozen Small Blue Crabs (5-5.5 Inches) Regular Price $87

only $59.99
Maine 1- 1.25 Lb Whole Lobster Regular Price $17.99 /LB

We bring in fresh caught lobsters daily, from our docks in Maine.

only $15.99


If you want the best freshest heavy crabs for you buck. Search no further then Chesapeake Crab. Been going to their for years. Keep up the good work guys.
Jack W

Got a dozen supers this weekend. I was hesitant to spend the extra money. Glad I did what a treat.
Steve W